The Nazirite’s Vow; The Law of the Nazirite (Numbers 6:1 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 6:1 – 21


1. When have you promised you parents, spouse or children that you would pray for them or remember them in a special way? How successful were you in keeping that promise? How did you feel about that?

2. What broken promise are you still feeling the pain of? How did you make amends?

3. What would the Nazirite vow tell other people about the Nazirite? How would such abstinence and austerity draw the Nazirite close to God (verses 2, 8)?

4. What do you know about Samuel and Samson (two famous Nazirites)? How do they help you to understand the purpose of the Nazirite vow?

5. Have you ever made a special vow to God (such as for New Year’s, marriage or a baby’s birth)? Explain.

6. How did you prove your seriousness about this vow?

7. In what ways was this similar to the Nazirite’s vow of temperance: Diet? Associations? Appearance? Other? In what ways was it different?

8. What advantage can you see in making your vows public?

9.What advantage can you see in keeping your vows private?


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