Daily Offerings; Sabbath Offerings; Monthly Offerings (Numbers 28:1 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 28:1 – 15


1. Is your church a high expectation, high commitment church? Or is yours a voluntary association with a lowest common denominator as criteria for membership?

2. How is your church’s “personality” (your answer to Question #1) reflected in your church-wide programs? What does your church do on a daily basis? On a weekly basis? Monthly? Annually?

3. Which of these church functions are indispensible to you?

4. What feelings do you think these daily offerings are meant to evoke in the Israelites (verses 1 – 8)? How does their everyday regularity help to maintain fellowship with God?

5. Of what importance do you think monthly offerings were to Israel? To God?

6. What serves as a daily reminder of what God has done for you? In what sense are your daily reminders similar to what the Israelites offer daily?

7. What do these actions do for you? For God?

8. What special things do you do on Sunday to remind you of what God has done for you? How do these things help to strengthen your relationship with God?

9. What special, once-a-month (or once-a-year) religious celebrations do you appreciate most? Why? What benefit do you get from these celebrations? What benefit does God receive?


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