Feast of Tabernacles (Numbers 29:12 – 40)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 29:12 – 40


1. Do you think you could live in a tent for one week? What would you like best about that? What would you like least? Why?

2. Where do you suppose this festival gets its name (see Leviticus 23:33, 42, 43)?

3. What memories and feelings would be associated with living in “booths”? What would God want Israel to always remember about their wanderings in the wilderness?

4. Given the significance of this feast to Israel, why do you think Jesus chose to reveal Himself on the greatest day of this feast (see John 7:37 – 39)? How might this account for the apostle Peter’s reference to “shelters” in his response to Jesus’ transfiguration (see Mark 9:5, 6)?

5. When you look back on your life, has God met more often with you during “wilderness” excursions, or at “feast” times? Why do you think that is?

6. What do you view as the wilderness period for you? Why? What was most difficult about this for you? What good came out of this experience?

7. Reflecting on Question #6, how did this specific wilderness experience affect your relationship with others? With God?

8. As you recall this desert experience, what painful and joyful feelings linger? What do these lasting memories make you want to do, now? Why?

9. How can you use these memories to strengthen your faith in God? Your service to others?


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