Regulations Concerning Vows (Numbers 30)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 30


1. Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions from last year? Do you even recall what they were?

2. Do you think the rules contained in this chapter are meant primarily to relieve women (plus their fathers and husbands) if they can’t keep their vows? Or to bind them to these oaths? Why?

3. What does this teach you about the position of women in Israelite culture? How do you feel about that?

4. Why does God place so much importance on vows? What does this say about God and His promises? About human nature and our promises?

5. How would a breach of promise discredit today’s banking industry? International relations? Employees? Your spouse and kids? What does this tell you about what holds modern society together?

6. What is the most rash promise you can recall making? What promise have you made lately “with your fingers crossed”? Did you keep either one?


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