Mount Ebal (Deuteronomy 27)

Scripture Text:

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Deuteronomy 27


1. What advertisement gets your attention? Why?

2. What injustice in the news this month particularly galled you? Why were you so irritated?

3. Share a time in your life when you wanted to start out “clean” again.

4. What kinds of oaths does your employer, coach, spouse or parent implicitly make you take? Anything like the ceremony described in the Scripture text?

5. To what divine sanctions do you tend to say, “Amen”? Why? Were there any items on this list for which your “Amen” was weakly offered, if at all?

6. Has Jesus ended the “curses” when He hung on a tree (see chapter 21:23 and Galatians 3:13)? Or are these curses still somehow woven into the moral fabric of all relationships?

7. If verses 15 – 25 are sins of commission, verse 26 is a sin of omission. Why might you pay special heed here?


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