Rahab and the Spies (Joshua 2)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 2


1. If you went incognito as a spy, what kind of identity would you want?

2. When you were in senior high, what was one of the most daring things you tried?

3. Why did Rahab risk her own safety to provide safety for the spies?

  • She was a daredevil
  • She was a traitor
  • She had great foresight
  • She knew they would owe her one
  • She had faith in their God

4. What was Rahab’s request of the spies? In this request, is she being self-serving? Other-centered? God-honoring? Why do you think so?

5. The most important intelligence information the spies gained was:

  • A first-hand look at Jericho’s walls
  • Discovering the best hiding places in the hills outside Jericho
  • That the Canaanites had heard of the Israelites’ past victories
  • That the Canaanites were “melting in fear”
  • Rahab’s conviction that “the Lord has given this land to you”

6. Given her disreputable occupation and her obvious lie, what in this story builds Rahab’s reputation as a woman of faith (see Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25)?

7. How do you reach to Rahab’s joining the Israelites after the fall of Jericho (Joshua 6:22 – 25) and her eventually becoming an ancestor of Jesus Christ?

8. I am most likely to fear God because

  • of the fear of punishment
  • of the promise of blessing
  • there’s no one else to believe in
  • others have believed first
  • God is so awesome

9. The “sure sign” for me that God has spared my life is

  • the promises of Scripture
  • the word of my parents
  • the blood of Christ shed for my sins
  • a life-changing experience
  • the fact that I want to please Him

10. The “scarlet cord” I’ve been counting on to hold my weight is:

  • my faith in Jesus Christ
  • living the best life I can
  • going to church regularly
  • God’s mercy despite my faults

11. Rahab’s actions would later spare her family as well as herself. What can you do to spare your family from the effects of sin and evil?

12. What can you do to help ensure the salvation of your family? What “scarlet cord” (or lifeline) will you hold out and hold onto, for life?

13. When told how God has worked through those on the “other side”, how do you respond? With fear? Jealousy? Vicarious joy? Inspired faith?

14. What great things has God done on “your side” that might offer hope to others? What groups of people live on the “other side” whom you need to reach out in Christian love to include in your circle?


3 thoughts on “Rahab and the Spies (Joshua 2)

  1. Was Rahab being self-serving or God-honoring? Interesting question. I think she was probably desperately self-serving, but I think her expression of desperate need for God’s help honored Him.

    I’m blogging through The Bible’s story in 2013, and I just arrived at Jericho. Feel free to stop by bigstoryguide.wordpress.com and take a look at “The Eyes of a Prostitute.”

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