The Fall of Jericho (Joshua 5:13 – 6:27)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 5:13 – 6:27


1. Who was the most intimidating person you ever met?

2. When playing a pickup game or team sport, were you among the first or the last half picked? Why? Who did you most want on your side? Why?

3. What did the divine commander meant by “neither” (chapter 5 verse 14)?

  • the Lord is neutral?
  • the Lord is holy?
  • the Lord’s side is what counts?
  • or what?

4. What purpose is served by the number seven? By the trumpets’ constant blowing? By the people’s silence? By their perseverance? By the ark’s position (chapter 3:4)?

5. What was the purpose of the trumpet blast and the people’s shout?

  • the noise would collapse the wall
  • it was God’s cue
  • it was psychological warfare
  • it was a test of Israel’s obedience
  • it was an expression of the people’s faith

6. Why did God call for the total destruction of Jericho?

  • because of their wickedness and idolatry
  • to keep the Israelites from becoming like them
  • to make a statement to the other Canaanites
  • because the promised land was exclusively for the Israelites now
  • that’s what I would like to know

7. When did you discover what it meant to be on God’s side and take direction from Him, and not having Him serve you on your side?

8. What crazy battle plan is the Lord calling you to carry out? How will you persevere in that? Who else is on the Lord’s side with you in this?

9. What walled-in area of your life are you still protecting (or hiding behind)? How secure do you feel behind that wall? How might God give you victory over those walls if you will follow His ways?

10. Consider verses 17 and 25 (Rahab and those with her in her house). How has your life been spared, even redeemed, thanks to someone else’s faithful response to you and their Lord?



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