Achan’s Sin (Joshua 7)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 7


1. When you were 10 years old, where was your favorite hiding place?

2. Can you recall a time when someone did something wrong, but you were punished for it instead? How did you feel?

3. What toy did you always want as a child, but never got?

4. How would you describe Joshua’s reaction to the stunning defeat at Ai? Cowardly? Angry? Whining? Surprised? Or what?

5. What exactly was Achan’s sin? Why do you think he did it even though he knew God’s orders?

6. Describe Achan’s state of mind as he watched the tribes, clans and families file past Joshua.

7. What kinds of things can happen in our lives when we sin and try to hide it?

8. As with the Israelites, has the Lord ever had to “get tough” with you to get you back on track? When?

9. If you had been Joshua, would you have tempted to let Achan go with a slap on the wrist? Sent him packing? Punched him out? Or what? Why?

10. What does your answer to Question #9 say about your style of disciplining those you feel responsible for at home or work?

11. If you had been Achan’s wife or children, how would you have felt? How about the parents of one of the 36 killed in the attack on Ai?

12. Do you think it was fair for God to punish all Israel because just one person sinned? Why or why not?



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