Ai Destroyed (Joshua 8)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 8


1. When have you come up a winner the second time around? What made the difference the second time?

2. What is the “come-from-behind victory” in your life you still remember fondly?

3. What was the final outcome of Israel’s attack on Ai? How important was Joshua’s leadership? In your opinion, how much of the outcome was due to the Lord’s direction and how much was due to human planning and effort?

4. Is there some area of your life now in which you hear the Lord saying, “do not be afraid; do not be discouraged”?

5. Have you ever had an occasion when your own self-confidence led you into danger? What great thing might you attempt now in your life if God assured you of success?

6. Some say, “the only failure is the failure to learn”. Others say, “the only thing you can learn from losing is how to lose”. What would Joshua say in this regard? What would you say?

7. If you had been an Israelite soldier, how would you have felt about killing the women of Ai? Would the experience of Achan in chapter 7 have made it any easier?

8. This question (plus Questions #9 and #10) are in reference to verses 30 – 35. When was the last time your “whole family” gathered together? Where? What for?

9. Why do you think the children and aliens were included in this covenant renewal ceremony?

10. What might it mean for you to “build an altar” to the Lord? What would you offer?



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