The Gibeonite Deception (Joshua 9)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 9


1. What was your favorite costume as a child? Why that one?

2. Have you ever bought something that later turned out to be a lemon? How did you feel?

3. Why do you suppose the ruse by the people of Gibeon worked?

4. What was the significance of the Israelites sampling, but not inquiring (verse 14)?

5. Have you made an important decision in your life without inquiring of the Lord? What was the result?

6. Have you ever made a promise which later turned out to be difficult or unpopular to keep? What happened?

7. As a fearful and accursed Gibeonite, would you have fought for your freedom? Or would you have submitted to perpetual slavery? Why?

8. In regard to Question #7, what does your answer say about your fighting style in general? Do you readily accept (or usually resist) authority imposed on you? Does it depend on who is doing the imposing? How so?

9. Strategy was important for Joshua. What does that say about the use of strategy in planning your life? In doing God’s work?



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