The Five Amorite Kings: Part 1 (Joshua 10:1 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 10:1 – 15


1. As a teenager, did you ever do something risky to defend a friend? What was it?

2. If you could save one day of your life in a bottle to live over and over, what day would it be?

3. If you had a 30-hour day at your disposal tomorrow, how would you spend it?

4. How does the Lord encourage Joshua in his attack? Where have you heard similar words in the book of Joshua so far?

5. Where else does the Lord help the Israelites in the battle? Can you think of possible explanations for the miracle in verse 13?

6. Who was actually responsible for Israel’s victory? Why is this important in the story?

7. Who in your spiritual community do you feel you could call on for help in a tough spot?

8. What are you doing now that you wish God would give you more time to accomplish?

9. If more time is not available (but more workers would get the job done), is there a way your spiritual community can help you?



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