Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar (Judges 3:7 – 31)

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Judges 3:7 – 31


1. What role does God’s Spirit play in Othniel’s leadership?

2.  When have you burned with rage? Yearned for peace? How was the Lord involved? (or was He?)

3. When punching out your kid brother, what part of his anatomy would you hit? Why there?

4. What would you hope to do if you were able to use right and left hands equally well?

5. Which details of the incident concerning Ehud make you sick? Which make you celebrate?

6. What, if anything, might be the significance of Ehud’s being left-handed (verses 15 and 21)?

7. What do you think of Ehud’s plan and behavior:

  • Ehud would bring honor to the FBI
  • Ehud could star in a James Bond movie
  • Ehud would not be allowed to date any daughter of mine
  • I would cross the other side of the street if I ever say Ehud coming my way

8. When have you sent God an “SOS” call for help? How did He answer?

9. Where in your life would you like to experience God answering one of your cries today?

10. If you were to “blow a trumpet” in gratitude for something God has done for you recently, what would it be?

11. If your country’s war-torn economy were to enjoy “eighty years of peace” from now on, what would you do to celebrate?



Disobedience and Defeat (Judges 2:1 – 3:6)

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Judges 2:1 – 3:6


1. Who or what is a “thorn in your side”? For what purpose?

2.  How do you see God’s treatment of Israel: Too harsh? Too soft? Just right?

3. When did you last fail to carry out the boss’ (or parents’) order? What happened?

4. What experience has come the closest to testing your survival skills or your creative ingenuity? What was the net result of passing the test (if you did)?

5. In many ways this passage give the reader an overview of what’s to follow in the book of Judges. What repeated themes and cycles of behavior can we expect based on the Judges 2:11 – 19?

6. Why do you suppose the people did not listen to their assigned leaders (the judges)?

7. In what one way are you unlike your parents? How are you like them? How do you feel about the similarities and differences?

8. Where have you been unable to learn from the past, and thus found yourself (and your children) repeating the same mistake?

9. Where have your mistakes (or poor choices) accumulated to the point you now feel great distress or hopelessly stuck in a rut?

10. Who or what in times past has come to rescue you from your distress?

11. When has the Lord ever tested you like He did the Israelites? How are you stronger today, thanks to that testing experience?


Israel Fights The Remaining Canaanites (Judges 1)

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Judges 1


1. Are you more of a “stub-your-toe”, “mash-your-finger”, or “all-thumbs-and-no-fingers” type? Explain.

2.  If you had your pick, where would you rather live? In the mountains? Desert? Plains? On the beach? Why?

3. From which of the places in Question #2 does your family originate? Which place has been “home” to you for any significant period of time?

4. How do you suppose the Israelites “asked the Lord” and were given such a definitive answer (verse 1, 2; see also Exodus 28:30)? In comparison, how do you discern God’s will with certainty?

5. How do you account for Israel’s failure to drive out all the Canaanites (verses 19, 27 – 36; also Judges 2:1 – 3; 2:20 – 3:4)?

6. Does this chapter turn on your competitive drive to win? Or does it turn your stomach in revulsion? Why?

7. Like Adoni-Bezek, when have you experienced the “reap-what-you-sow” principle? Were you reaping or sowing? Was it positive or negative fruit your reaped (or sowed)?

8. Where in your life are you feeling under attack or driven out? Where are your holding your ground? Where are you compromising the Lord’s commands and growing lax?

9. What resources are you drawing upon to “hold your ground” or “seize what is rightfully the Lord’s”? How can your church help you in this regard?

10. Who recently has been a “Caleb”, doing a special favor for you? To whom might God be calling you to be a “Caleb”?