The Five Amorite Kings: Part 2 (Joshua 10:16 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 10:16 – 27


1. Have you ever explored a cave? What do you remember most about your experience?

2. What was the meaning of Joshua’s instructions in verse 24? What might be the comparable action today?

3. How might the succeeding generations of Israelites have felt when they saw the cave at Makkedah? Disgust? Pride? Curiosity? Or what? Why?

4. In your life do you feel more like. . .

  • I’ve got the enemy trapped but not destroyed?
  • The enemy has me trapped?
  • Battles abound, but I’m not alone?
  • I’m overwhelmed by the battles I still have to face?
  • The enemy doesn’t dare utter one word against me?

5. In each instance in Question #4, who (or what) is your enemy?



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