Conquest of the North (Joshua 11)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 11


1. What big person or thing scared you as a child? How did you overcome that fear, or did you?

2. Complete this sentence: “In school, I learned that the secret of success is ___________ .” What does your composite essay say about success?

3. What reason does the author give for the total destruction of these cities (verses 12 – 15)? Why is the command to Moses mentioned?

4. According to this chapter, why were Joshua and the Israelites successful in their conquest of the promised land, in spite of the overwhelming odds against them?

5. At what points can you identify with Joshua?

  • When all his enemies are coming to attack him?
  • When he is winning but the war is lasting a long time?
  • When the land finally had rest from war?

6. Do you always expect success when you are obedient to God? Why or why not?

Additional Comment:

Notice verse 9. War horses and chariots were advanced weapons of war that the Israelites would not master for hundreds more years. Militarily and economically, the Israelites were up against people more sophisticated than they.



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