Roster of the Kings Conquered By Moses and Joshua (Joshua 12)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 12


1. Which grandparent had the most influence on your life? How so?

2. What one accomplishment in your teen years do you have the most pride in? Why?

3. Do you consider yourself more like an “Easterner” or a “Westerner” in your roots and outlook on life? In what way?

4. Why do you think so many cities are listed in this chapter? What was the importance of such a list to the people of Israel in later generations?

5. Has God helped you to conquer any of the following in your life: Shyness? Bad temper? Smoking? Serious illness? Bad marriage? Weight problem? Poor self-image?

6. The list in Question #5 could go on and on. Why not share one of your victories with someone in your circle of influence?

7. What one or two people have led the way for your own spiritual growth in the past year?



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