The Allocation of the Promised Land Among the Tribes of Israel: Part 3 of 7 (Joshua 15)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 15


1. What kind of fence would you want around your dream house:

  • white picket?
  • red brick?
  • split rail?
  • barbed wire?
  • none?

2. How did your parents first meet?

3. Where did you call “home” when you were 5 years old?

4. Consult a Bible map for this time period in Israel’s history. The first allotment of land west of the Jordan River was to Judah. Locate the major boundaries. Where was Judah in relation to the rest of the promised land?

5. What do you think of Caleb’s method for choosing his daughter’s husband?

6. How do you think Othniel felt about being the son-in-law of such a hero as Caleb?

7. What did Othniel later go on to become (see Judges 3:7 – 11)?

8. What is significant about Judah not being able to dislodge the Jebusites (see verse 63)?

9. Who was finally able to conquer Jerusalem and unite the kingdom at this royal city (see 2 Samuel 5:6 – 12)? Why might this knowledge be important for us today?

10. Do you think Judah’s allotment has any relevance to the current debate over the borders of modern Israel? How so?

11. What people management and match-making principles do you see in Caleb’s ministry? Any which are applicable to a situation you are facing?

12. It would seem that Othniel’s career as a judge was helped by his marriage to the hero Caleb’s daughter. In your own life, have you seen this type of situation come true? How do you feel about this?



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