The Allocation of the Promised Land Among the Tribes of Israel: Part 7 of 7 (Joshua 19)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 19


1. What is your birth order among your siblings? Were there any benefits or drawbacks to this position?

2. Where was Simeon’s inheritance in relationship to the other tribes? How was this inheritance a fulfillment of Jacob’s blessing (see Genesis 49:5 – 7)?

3. Is there anything in the description of the other tribal allotments that strikes you as interesting? What are you curious about, that the text omits?

4. Which of these other allotments do you see as a fulfillment of Jacob’s blessing (see Genesis 49)?

5. What principles for decision-making do you see between the lines of the chapter that uses chance allotment, survey work, divine prophecy, circumstances and personal desires?

6. Which of these factors do you weigh more than others in the decisions facing you?

7. Where are you experiencing difficulty taking possession of your rightful inheritance from Christ? What is holding you back from claiming the victory that is yours in Christ?



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