Towns For the Levites (Joshua 21)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 21


1. What once-promised, long-awaited birthday or Christmas gift did you receive as a child?

2. Which of the following is the hardest for you to share with others and why?

  • your car
  • your food
  • your free time
  • your feelings
  • your dreams

3. Who were the Levites? How were they divided up? What was unique about the Kohathites (see Numbers chapter 3 for background information)?

4. Do you think the other tribes had any objections to cities from their territory being given to the Levites? Why or why not? How would you have reacted?

5. What part of your life is God calling you to share with someone else now?

6. Write down some of the things the Lord has given to you this past year. Why not thank God for these good gifts?

7. Can you honestly say from your experience, “not one of the Lord’s promises to me has failed”? If not, would you feel comfortable sharing that disappointment with your spiritual family? It’s likely you are not alone. Together you can discern the Lord’s goodness in spite of apparent failure.



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