The Eastern Tribes Return Home (Joshua 22)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 22


1. What nice thing said about you in recent weeks still rings in your ears? Did you try discounting or disbelieving the statement? Or did you want it repeated? Within others’ hearing?

2. Who was your best friend as a teenager? Do you still stay in touch?

3. How do you typically respond when angered by a friend? Do you . . .

  • blast away?
  • freeze out?
  • simmer or slow burn?
  • pray about it?

4. In what ways were the two and one half tribes different from the rest of Israel?

5. Why do you think this incident (the controversy of  “is it an altar or a memorial”) was important for later generations of Israelites? For Christians today?

6. Is there someone near and dear from whom you will soon be parted? What kind of things do you need to say to that person by way of encouragement or challenge?

7. What lesson do you need to learn from this story?

  • don’t build new altars until you check them out with others
  • find out the facts before you judge anyone
  • believe the best, not the worse about people
  • speak directly to people you have a disagreement with

8. Suppose someone were to say to you, “You have no share in the Lord.” How would you react? What principles of conflict resolution (gleaned from this story) would you use to defend yourself?



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