Joshua’s Farewell to the Leaders (Joshua 23)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 23


1. When you were a child, who was the oldest person you knew? What do you recall about him or her?

2. As a teen, which of the following were you most likely to turn to for advice and why?

  • parent or grandparent
  • teacher
  • minister, priest or rabbi
  • close friend your own age
  • a good book
  • The Good Book

3. How do you think Joshua felt as he looked back on his life?

  • tired
  • proud
  • disillusioned
  • filled with praise
  • grateful
  • at peace
  • no regrets
  • some regrets

4. Which of the answers in Question #3 are true of you? Or would you add another? If so, what?

5. If you were Joshua, what about the past would you celebrate the most?

  • the rest (peace) God provided
  • the many years of his life
  • the richness of those years
  • the miracles he had seen
  • his sense of accomplishment
  • the respect he received
  • God’s faithfulness

6. Looking back on your life, what has been the result when you obeyed God? When you disobeyed Him?

7. How did Joshua feel about the people’s future?

  • hopeful
  • worried
  • optimistic
  • pessimistic

8. Which of the answers in Question #7 describe how you feel about “the next generation”? Or would you add another? If so, what?

9. What did Joshua most want to communicate to the next generation?

  • don’t forget what God has done for you
  • don’t forget what God and I have done for you
  • don’t get proud
  • keep your courage
  • keep your faith
  • follow God’s Word
  • be careful whose company you keep
  • don’t throw away what you have
  • who (or what) will you worship?

10. What piece of advice do you typically give (or receive) on farewell occasions, such as graduation days, going away parties, etc.

11. Now that you are growing older, what would you like to say to the next generation (in general)? To your own loved ones (in particular)? How can you try to communicate these messages?

Additional Comments:

As we close out the book of Joshua, take a moment to review some of the highlights of his remarkable life . . .

  • slavery in Egypt
  • the plagues
  • the exodus from Egypt
  • serving as Moses’ aide
  • serving as one of the 12 spies during the 40 years in the wilderness
  • becoming Moses’ successor
  • leading the Israelites through the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River
  • commanding the army of Israel in their partial conquest of the promised land



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