The Covenant Renewed At Shechem(Joshua 24:1 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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Joshua 24:1 – 27


1. When you were a child in school, were you ever summoned to the principal’s office? For what?

2. If you could live in any other period of history, when would you choose? Why then?

3. When presented with a challenge in your life, are you more prone to look before you leap or leap before you look? Give an example.

4. After all they’ve been through, why are the Israelites given a choice now about whom to serve?

  • Joshua has doubts about their commitment
  • Faith is always a choice
  • You can’t serve God and something else
  • Joshua was soliciting support for his leadership

5. What was behind the people’s saying, “We too will serve the Lord”?

  • unblemished faith and commitment
  • fear of what God might do otherwise
  • a little too much self-confidence
  • a sense of obligation

6. If Joshua comes on a little strong in verses 19 and 20, it’s because . . .

  • he was old, so he didn’t have to be tactful
  • he knew Israel’s track record
  • once you commit, there’s no turning back
  • there’s a limit to God’s patience
  • in and of yourself, you’re not able to serve the Lord

7. Looking back over your life so far, can you see any special time in it when God made a difference? How?

8. What symbols of commitment does your church use to help people count the cost of following the Lord Jesus?

9. What other “gods” besides the Lord are you tempted to serve?

  • certain people
  • an ideal/cause
  • security
  • leisure
  • physical gratification
  • money
  • power
  • other: ____________

10. Are you really serious about serving the Lord? If so . . .

  • (a) share with someone one thing God has done for you, your family, or your church
  • (b) name one concrete spiritual commitment you want to make (verse 14 – 18)
  • (c) write down on paper the “god” you wish to forsake (verses 23 and 24), crumple your paper, and throw it into a wastebasket (or burn it)
  • (d) celebrate with a prayer or a song



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