Israel Fights The Remaining Canaanites (Judges 1)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 1


1. Are you more of a “stub-your-toe”, “mash-your-finger”, or “all-thumbs-and-no-fingers” type? Explain.

2.  If you had your pick, where would you rather live? In the mountains? Desert? Plains? On the beach? Why?

3. From which of the places in Question #2 does your family originate? Which place has been “home” to you for any significant period of time?

4. How do you suppose the Israelites “asked the Lord” and were given such a definitive answer (verse 1, 2; see also Exodus 28:30)? In comparison, how do you discern God’s will with certainty?

5. How do you account for Israel’s failure to drive out all the Canaanites (verses 19, 27 – 36; also Judges 2:1 – 3; 2:20 – 3:4)?

6. Does this chapter turn on your competitive drive to win? Or does it turn your stomach in revulsion? Why?

7. Like Adoni-Bezek, when have you experienced the “reap-what-you-sow” principle? Were you reaping or sowing? Was it positive or negative fruit your reaped (or sowed)?

8. Where in your life are you feeling under attack or driven out? Where are your holding your ground? Where are you compromising the Lord’s commands and growing lax?

9. What resources are you drawing upon to “hold your ground” or “seize what is rightfully the Lord’s”? How can your church help you in this regard?

10. Who recently has been a “Caleb”, doing a special favor for you? To whom might God be calling you to be a “Caleb”?



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