Disobedience and Defeat (Judges 2:1 – 3:6)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 2:1 – 3:6


1. Who or what is a “thorn in your side”? For what purpose?

2.  How do you see God’s treatment of Israel: Too harsh? Too soft? Just right?

3. When did you last fail to carry out the boss’ (or parents’) order? What happened?

4. What experience has come the closest to testing your survival skills or your creative ingenuity? What was the net result of passing the test (if you did)?

5. In many ways this passage give the reader an overview of what’s to follow in the book of Judges. What repeated themes and cycles of behavior can we expect based on the Judges 2:11 – 19?

6. Why do you suppose the people did not listen to their assigned leaders (the judges)?

7. In what one way are you unlike your parents? How are you like them? How do you feel about the similarities and differences?

8. Where have you been unable to learn from the past, and thus found yourself (and your children) repeating the same mistake?

9. Where have your mistakes (or poor choices) accumulated to the point you now feel great distress or hopelessly stuck in a rut?

10. Who or what in times past has come to rescue you from your distress?

11. When has the Lord ever tested you like He did the Israelites? How are you stronger today, thanks to that testing experience?



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