Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar (Judges 3:7 – 31)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 3:7 – 31


1. What role does God’s Spirit play in Othniel’s leadership?

2.  When have you burned with rage? Yearned for peace? How was the Lord involved? (or was He?)

3. When punching out your kid brother, what part of his anatomy would you hit? Why there?

4. What would you hope to do if you were able to use right and left hands equally well?

5. Which details of the incident concerning Ehud make you sick? Which make you celebrate?

6. What, if anything, might be the significance of Ehud’s being left-handed (verses 15 and 21)?

7. What do you think of Ehud’s plan and behavior:

  • Ehud would bring honor to the FBI
  • Ehud could star in a James Bond movie
  • Ehud would not be allowed to date any daughter of mine
  • I would cross the other side of the street if I ever say Ehud coming my way

8. When have you sent God an “SOS” call for help? How did He answer?

9. Where in your life would you like to experience God answering one of your cries today?

10. If you were to “blow a trumpet” in gratitude for something God has done for you recently, what would it be?

11. If your country’s war-torn economy were to enjoy “eighty years of peace” from now on, what would you do to celebrate?



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