Deborah and Jael (Judges 4)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 4


1. Apart from your mom or your wife (if married), who is the greatest woman you have ever met? In what areas was she special or a leader?

2.  What “spike in the ground” experience has proved to be a turning point in your life, helping you to make a stand?

3. What made Deborah a leader in a man’s world?

  • her ability to predict the future
  • her courage
  • her military mind
  • her strong faith
  • the obvious gifts God gave her
  • none of the men had her backbone

4. What was Barak’s problem (verse 8)? In what ways are we like him?

  • he was chicken
  • he wasn’t sure of the route
  • he wasn’t convinced that this was the right thing to do
  • he wanted a spokesperson for God with him
  • he wanted to lean on Deborah
  • or something else?

5. How did Deborah know in advance that the Lord would fight Sisera from heaven and flood the Kishon River (Judges 5:20, 21), thus cancelling the advantage of his chariots?

6. How could Deborah know about Jael killing Sisera? (Or did she?)

7. How do you think Heber responded to his wife murdering a family friend? What do you think of her use of a tent-peg and hammer?

8. How do you think the Israelite men felt about the honor of victory going to two women? How do you think the Israelite women felt?

9. When do you most often drift away from the Lord?

  • when I get too comfortable
  • when other things demand my attention
  • when I get tired of being “good
  • when I ignore my “quiet time”
  • when the pressure gets too great
  • I can’t explain it – it just happens

10. How does God usually seem to “discipline” you?

  • failure
  • illness
  • guilt
  • family crisis
  • things falling apart
  • other: __________

11. What is the most effective way for you to “cry out to God”?

  • “Help!”
  • talking to a Christian friend
  • confessing my sin
  • pouring out my soul in a journal
  • other: __________________

12. In what way have you experienced God deliverance?

  • healing
  • people’s help
  • provision of resources
  • spiritual growth through a crisis
  • peace
  • inner strength

13. If you are female. . .

  • How was Deborah able to be an “assertive servant”?
  • What woman today do you look to as a similar example of that kind of strength?
  • What can you do to be more like her and/or Deborah?



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