Gideon’s Fear, Faith and Fleece (Judges 6)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 6


1. If some bully were to come to where you live and ruin three resources you use in making a living, what three would they be?

2. Where do you go to get away from it all? Who sometimes meets you there?

3. How would you recognize an “angel” if you saw one face to face? What would be your first clue?

4. One time Gideon is so sure of God (verses 22, 24, 27a). The next moment he is so unsure (verses 13, 15, 17, 27b, 36, 39). How are you like Gideon in this regard?

5. Where are you uncertain, afraid or overly cautious of God’s call to you now?

6. Gideon built an altar and tore one down overnight. What would you like to “tear down” in your life, if you could? And what would you like to “build up” to the glory of God?

7. The main reason Gideon balked at God’s instruction was because he:

  • lacked faith in God
  • lacked faith in himself
  • lacked faith in his countrymen
  • was too afraid
  • didn’t realize whom he was talking to

8. Gideon exhibited the greatest faith when he:

  • kept working despite oppression of the Midianites
  • brought an offering to the angel
  • tore down the altar to Baal
  • built an altar to the Lord and sacrificed his father’s bull on it
  • trumpeted the call to arms
  • asked for miraculous signs

9. On my spiritual journey, I am:

  • trying to stay inconspicuous
  • noticing an “angel” in my life
  • looking for assurance that God is with me
  • beginning to “tear down idols”
  • empowered by God’s Spirit
  • asking the Lord for confirmation of His will

10. Have you ever used a “fleece” to seek direction from God? How do you feel about asking the Lord for signs? In what area of your life do you most need God’s direction now?

11. What is the hardest thing about doing God’s will?

  • figuring out what it is
  • choosing the many options God gives me
  • taking risks
  • explaining my actions to others
  • doing it once I know what it is

Additional Comment:

The Midianites are the first people known to use camels in battle.



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