Tola and Jair (Judges 10)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 10


1. How many cars do you have in your family? Who has to “hoof it”?

2. How many TVs? Who has to “sacrifice” by doing without that god of our age?

3. What do the stories of minor judges Tola and Jair add to your understanding of the events of this book?

4. It seems that Israel was worshipping anything or anyone but the Lord (verse 6). What does such polytheism say about human spirituality and gullibility? About God’s jealousy?

5. Who is someone you are having difficulty forgiving? Why is that?

Lack of trust?
Hurt too much?
Fear of rejection again?
Fear a shift in power?

6. Who is having difficulty forgiving you? Why do you think that is?



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