Jephthah and His Daughter (Judges 11)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 11


1. If you are in a heap of trouble, who d’ya call?

  • Ghostbusters?
  • Superman?
  • The police?
  • Your minister (pastor)?
  • Your attorney?
  • Your big brother (or big sister)?

2. When you were a teenager, who was the “mighty warrior” in school (or ‘the Big Man on Campus’)? Who was your nation’s “mighty warrior” at that time? What earned him or her that reputation?

3. What do we learn here about Jephthah’s upbringing? How might that have affected him?

4. Who seemed to be the closest friends and compatriots of this social outcast? What does that tell you about Jephthah? Was he a “Robin Hood” or simply a “Hood”?

5. What do you think is the decisive factor in Israel’s victory over the Ammonites?

  • God’s Spirit upon Jephthah
  • Jephthah’s vow to the Lord
  • Jepthah’s military strategy

6. In God’s plan, is human sacrifice ever acceptable? Which do you think takes precedence, Jephthah’s vow or God’s rejection of human sacrifice?

7. Did Jephthah do the right thing regarding his daughter? Or did he act hastily and needlessly? Why do you think so?

8. Jepthah’s story can be summed up in four words – rejection, vindication, victory and heartache. Which of these words touch upon stages in your life right now?

9. When have you won a hard-fought battle, only to lose a heartfelt love?

10. What did God see in Jephthah that others found hard to see? What does God see in you that others might miss on first meeting you?

11. When have you attempted to argue your case by yourself (without legal counsel)? What happened?

12. What is the status of vows in your society?

13. What are some unpopular vows you have made and kept?

14. Which vows has caused you more heartache – the ones you’ve kept or the ones you’ve broken?

15. If keeping a vow meant you would have to sin, would you keep it? Why or why not? How can this passage help you to keep your vows in perspective?



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