A Failure, a Foreigner, and Faithfulness (Ruth 1)

My Introductory Comments:

Welcome to the book of Ruth! In the midst of the wars, violence and anarchy during the times of the judges, most Israelites are primarily concerned about eking out a living. As a despised foreigner, Ruth took great risks emigrating to the Promised Land. She was even more vulnerable as a poor, single woman working in the dangerous harvest fields. As alluded to in Dave’s post, God’s redeeming work and love through relationships is evident – between Boaz and Ruth, between the Lord and Israel, and between Christ and humanity. To continue reading Dave’s post, click the “Read More” link above.


We have reason to wonder if God’s Death-to-Life Project is failing.

In a comment on my post “god Cycle,” Darrell characterized the book of Judges as “ugly,” and he’s right. God’s plan was that Israel would shine – that He would shine in Israel. Instead, for the few hundred years covered by the book of Judges, Israel is dull, dark, and cold.

Leave the book of Judges.

Turn the page to the book of Ruth, and read,

            In the days when the judges ruled. . . .

Not a promising start.

However, during this miserable stretch of time when the Israelites take only brief breaks from their blatant infidelity to God, a foreign woman enters the story humbly.

She’s faithful.

When facing a crucial decision, she tells her Jewish mother-in-law, “Don’t urge me to leave you or turn back from you. Where you go I will…

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