Ruth Meets Boaz (Ruth 2)

Scripture Text:

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Ruth 2


1. Have you ever worked on a farm? What was it like?

2. Have you ever been a part of a harvest? What was it like?

3. What are your first impressions of this story?

  • Sounds like a Harlequin Romance.
  • What a knight in shining armor!
  • I’m glad I wasn’t a widow then.
  • A “real man” would have rescued Ruth from the fields altogether.
  • Respect for each other was the basis for a later love relationship.

4. What law about ‘gleanings’ is Boaz heeding (see Leviticus 19:9, 10)?

5. What role does a ‘kinsman-redeemer’ play in providing an heir for a brother who has died (see Deuteronomy 25:5 – 10)?

6. Given the sad state of Israel-Moab relations (see Genesis 19:30 – 38; Numbers 25:1 – 3), what surprising turn of events would the original readers see in this chapter?

7. How does Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi (verses 11, 12, 23), and Boaz’s loyalty to Ruth, defy historical prejudices of the original readers? How does their loyalty reflect God’s?

8. What do you most admire about Boaz in this story?

  • his rapport with his workers
  • his respect for a foreign woman
  • his initiative to protect Ruth from sexual harassment
  • his generosity with his grain

9. What do you most admire about Ruth in this story?

  • her courage and willingness to take risks
  • her loyalty to those she loved
  • her positive attitude about menial work
  • the way she took refuge ‘under God’s wings’ (verse 12)
  • the way she respected others and really appreciated what others did for her

10. If you are married, what were the most important things your spouse left because of his/her love for you?

  • strong ties to family
  • the area where he/she grew up
  • professional opportunities
  • an old girlfriend/boyfriend
  • the freedoms of single life

11. How does your spouse show the kind of honor that Boaz and Ruth showed each other?

  • by protecting me
  • by affirming me
  • by listening to me
  • by supporting me in my work
  • by discussing important decisions
  • by speaking highly of me to others
  • by speaking to me kindly

12. If you have worked (or are working) as a supervisor, how have you felt about that role? What can you learn from Boaz in the area of management skills?

13. When it comes to positive working relationships, what lesson do you most need to learn?

  • to ‘bless’ my coworkers (verse 4)
  • not to make y coworkers look bad or embarrass them (verse 15)
  • to show gratitude for help I receive
  • to make sure no one I work with is harassed
  • to be generous with those who work for me
  • to respect those I work for

14. What mechanisms does your community have for coping with the hungry and the homeless?

15. What is your view of beggars? Of welfare programs?

16. If you suddenly had no means of supporting yourself, do you think your reaction would be. . .

  • like Orpah (and do what is expected of you)?
  • like Ruth (simple, humbling action)?
  • like Naomi (with some bitterness creeping in)?

17. Whom do you know who needs to be reminded that God still loves them? What will you do today to demonstrate such love?



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