The Genealogy of David (Ruth 4:13 – 22)

Scripture Text:

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Ruth 4:13 – 22


1. Of which ancestors are you very proud? Of whom were you embarrassed?

2. What would you like to be famous for?

3. How would Moabite history (see Genesis 19:30 – 38; Numbers 25:1 – 3; Deuteronomy 24:2 – 4) likely affect the Israelites’ view of Moabites? And hence, their view of Israelites, such as David, who are linked to Moabites? (verses 13 – 17; see 1 Samuel 22:3, 4)

4. Define “providence”. In this story, what evidence do you see for divine providence superseding:

(a) human ingenuity

(b) cultural prejudice

(c) marriage and property laws of the day

5. What was so special about Obed?

  • he kept a family name from being lost
  • he would become King David’s grandfather
  • he would become an ancestor of Jesus Christ
  • he brought life and joy to Naomi
  • he was a testimony of the Lord’s faithful provision

6. In the end, the whole community welcomes Ruth. What brought her from outsider to acceptance?

  • luck
  • having a cuddly baby
  • God’s providence
  • Boaz’s good standing
  • Ruth’s character
  • Ruth’s acceptance of them
  • Naomi’s clever maneuvering

7. Where have you seen the God of Ruth and Boaz act providentially and redemptively on your behalf?

8. Where have you seen the God of Israel and Moab concern Himself equally for any and all people who put their trust in Him?

9. Who is the “untouchable Moabite” in your life – the one whom you keep at arm’s length? How will you bridge the gap between you?

10. There are two books in the Bible bearing the title of women’s names. Both experienced successful, cross-cultural marriages. Is there a lesson to be told about this activity? If so, what?



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