The Birth of Samson (Judges 13)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 13


1. Fill in the (blanks): “I was born on (date) in (place) to (mother) and (father). My favorite childhood game to play was ____________. One thing that sets me apart from other people is _____________.”

2. Where were you in your family birth order? How did your parents feel knowing you were on the way?

3. When it comes to parenting, how would you describe Manoah and his wife?

  • clueless
  • teachable
  • prepared
  • disciplined
  • God-fearing

4. How would you describe yourself as a parent or potential parent?

5. How would you assess the spirituality of Samson’s parents?

  • fanatical fundamentalist
  • committed Calvinist
  • lukewarm Lutheran
  • Methodical Methodist
  • Angelic Amish
  • Other?

6. How do you assess the quality of this husband-wife, mother-father team? Who seems more devout? More level-headed? More insightful? Explain.

7. What three vows does the Nazirite make in Numbers 6:1 – 21? (Samson will break all three.)

8. What was the purpose of Samson being a Nazirite?

  • to keep him from having fun
  • to set him apart from others
  • to set him apart for God
  • to keep his focus on his mission
  • to keep him focused on the Lord

9. What does this chapter teach you about the nature and ministry of angels?

10. How do you go about “separating yourself” to be with God but apart from the world (John 17:13 – 19)? What aspects of that vow would you keep or alter for you (or your children) to best serve the Lord?

11. In what way do you feel separated from others through no choice of your own? How is this separation affecting you and your ministry?

12. Who was the calming, level-headed force in your family when you were a child? And now? Who was the spiritually devout influence then? Now?

13. How can you open yourself to the ministry of angels?

  • entertain more visitors
  • obey what I already have been given to do by God
  • believe by faith what is “beyond understanding”

14. If you could have one thing from this story, what would it be?

  • a child
  • a child committed to the Lord
  • God’s instruction on “how to bring up” my children
  • deliverance from an enemy
  • a visit from an angel
  • an intimate encounter with God
  • a special mission in life
  • for the Holy Spirit to be more active in my life



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