Samson’s Marriage (Judges 14)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 14


1. Growing up, what friend of yours were your parents not too thrilled about? Did you persist in seeing him or her?

2. What was your first or most romantic moment?

3. It was lust at first sight and Samson turned the arrangements over to his parents. Why would they object to Samson’s wishes? Timing? Racism? Generation gap? Lord’s prohibition? (see Judges 3:5, 6; Exodus 34:11 – 16; Deuteronomy 7:1 – 4)

4. What do you think of Samson taking matters (lion, woman, honey) into his own hands? What were his positive qualities? His negative ones?

5. In touching a dead body (verses 8, 9) and in throwing a drinking party (verse 10), what two Nazirite vows is Samson breaking (see Numbers 6:1 – 8)?

6. How does Samson’s cavalier attitude toward holy vows fit in with these times that Israel had no king (Judges 21:25)?

7. What does “this was from the Lord” (verse 4) mean?

  • God had the whole thing planned
  • God had everything under control
  • God wanted Samson to marry this woman
  • God allowed Samson to marry her so he could punish the Philistines
  • God used Samson’s sinful choices for His purposes

8. (If you are a single person), what has been the greatest temptation to lose your discipline in your dating life?

  • being attracted to unbelievers
  • going too much by appearances
  • ignoring my parents’ (or others’) advice
  • deceiving myself into thinking that this is “the right one for me”
  • falling for manipulators
  • letting physical desire control my decisions

9. How often do you, like Samson, take matters into your own hands? How can you tell if you’re “in the flesh” or empowered by God’s Spirit?

10. Was Samson justified in killing 30 men of Ashkelon (a Philistine city) to make good on his bet? Why? How do you account for his being enabled by God to do this (verse 19)?

11. In your life, where would you like to experience more self-control?

12. (If you are under the age of 18), how is this story like your parents (and what can you do about it)?

  • they want to run my life
  • they don’t like my friends
  • we never have these problems
  • I may not like it, but my parents do what they think is best for me

13. If you were Samson’s parents, what would you have done at the end of the story?

  • said “I told you so”
  • given him space
  • given him a hug
  • given him a piece of my mind
  • tried to help him learn from this

14. What once seemed “right for you”, but in hindsight proved to be more wrong than right? What would you do over, if you could?

15. In reference to Question #14, what good has God brought out of that occasion, after all? What comfort has He brought you in that?

16. When have you used the tactic, “If you really loved me, you would __________ ?”



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