Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:1 – 22)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 16:1 – 22


1. What hair styles have you adopted over the years? When was your hair the shortest? Longest?

2. Share an April Fool’s joke in which you were completely taken in or caught off guard?

3. Gaza was a Philistine city, so why would Samson venture anywhere near such a place?

  • death wish
  • tempting fate
  • cockiness
  • carelessness

4. In Gaza, Samson literally steals the city gates (instead of waging war). What’s the meaning of this more symbolic, less violent response?

5. What was Samson’s downfall?

  • his sexual appetites
  • his attraction to Philistine women
  • his inability to keep his secret
  • his overconfidence
  • Delilah’s betrayal
  • his betrayal of God’s calling

6. How could Delilah do what she did?

  • she only pretended to love him
  • she was a patriotic Philistine
  • she was cold and ruthless
  • she took it as a personal challenge
  • everyone has their price
  • she didn’t realize the Philistines would be so cruel to Samson

7. What could Samson expect to gain by sharing his secret?

  • a trusting relationship
  • relief from the stress of keeping it
  • Delilah’s acceptance
  • peace and quiet

8. When have you used the tactic, “If you really love me, you would ___________”?

  • with my boyfriend/girlfriend
  • with my spouse
  • with my parents
  • with my children
  • with God

9. What is the secret of your spiritual strength?

  • daily aerobics
  • regular prayer
  • Bible reading
  • awareness of my weaknesses
  • a Christian upbringing

10. I feel weakest against temptation when it is:

  • subtle
  • persistent
  • particularly attractive
  • perfectly reasonable
  • something new
  • the same old thing

11. Everyone has their price. How rich was Delilah after this deal (see verse 5)? To put this into perspective, ten shekels of silver was the priest’s annual wage.

12. How do you imagine Delilah felt about betraying her lover and Israel’s deliverer? Sad? Guilty? Numb? Suicidal?

13. Every strength has its flip side. While Samson had obvious physical strength, what strength was he lacking?

14. What strength are you lacking? Where do you feel like Samson – bound but hoping you hair is growing back?

15. What positively affects your spiritual strength? What is draining it?

16. Where is God calling you to persist, even harass, until you get what you want? Ask yourself: Is that what God wants for me?

17. What has been nagging at you lately and wearing you down?



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