Danites Settle In Laish (Judges 18)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 18


1. Where would you like to retire? Why there?

2. What prized possessions did you used to fight over with “big brother” or “big sister” and hated giving up? How did you feel being short-changed or left empty-handed?

3. “An offer you couldn’t refuse” in your career field would be an offer to _________.

4. Why had the Danites not yet come into their inheritance (see Judges 1:34 and Joshua 19:40 – 48)?

5. How is it “they recognized the voice” of the priest (verse 3)? Had the warriors of Dan known him before? Was he on their most-wanted list? Or what?

6. Why would the Danites want his religious paraphernalia? What does this tell you about the spiritual maturity of the Danites?

7. Why does the priest go along with them?

  • vanity
  • greed
  • career advancement
  • arm-twisting
  • have idols, will travel
  • other?

8. What about Micah’s loss is ironic? Tragic? Comic?

9. What “cover up” by later scribes do you detect in verse 30? What difference does it make whether this young Levite is a descendent of Moses or Manasseh?

10. What is the purpose of this chapter? How is it related to chapter 17? What is the object lesson here? If it were cut out of this book, what would we miss?

11. When it comes to job-hunting and career changes, in what sense are you like this young Levite? Selling your services short? Eager for advancement? Other? Explain.

12. What do you like about your current job? What is difficult for you on the job? When a new job offer comes your way, what things will you take into consideration?

13. List some of your prized possessions. Which (if any) might you be holding too tightly? Which may be hindering your relationship with God?



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