The Israelites Punish the Benjamites (Judges 20)

Scripture Text:

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Judges 20


1. Are you more motivated to act by a clarion “call to arms” or by a “war protest” movement? What does that say about you?

2. What large, united gathering is most memorable to you?

  • Some rock concert
  • Sporting event
  • Memorial service
  • Or what?

3. Who are you? A person who would rather “switch than fight” or “fight than switch”? Give an example.

4. What initially motivated Israel to fight the Benjaminites? Revenge? Justice? Adventure? Combat pay? Or what?

5. Why didn’t the Benjamites simply turn over the guilty and thus avoid a bloodbath? What does the Benjaminites’ response tell us about them?

6. How do you think this civil war affected God?

7. What point is God trying to make in allowing the Israelites to fail in their first two attacks?

8. Read Genesis 49:27, where Jacob blesses the tribe of Benjamin, along with his other sons. In what sense has that blessing now come true?

9. What intra-family, in-house or inter-church battles have your fought recently? What are you still battling today?

10. Where in your life does God seem to be less than willing to answer a prayer in the way you want it answered? Think about when God says, “wait”, “maybe” or “no”. How do you handle that? What change on your part is called for?

11. When in the past five years have you experienced the power of unity, of being “one” with a group of people? Would you say such unity characterizes your church?



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