Hannah Dedicates Samuel (1 Samuel 1:21 – 28)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 1:21 – 28


1. What do you recall about the first time you left home for any significant time?

2. How do you think Hannah felt giving Samuel to someone else to raise?

3. What does Elkanah mean by “may the Lord make good his (or your) word” (verse 23)?

4. What does the conversation between Elkanah and Hannah show of the nature of their marriage?

5. Have you or your parents made a vow?

6. If you were “dedicated” early on, how has that affected your life?

7. What things or people in your life are most indispensable to you? Can you “give them back to God” as Hannah did?

8. What should you dedicate to God?

  • children
  • childlessness
  • spouse
  • home
  • possessions
  • job
  • talents
  • future



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