Hannah’s Prayer (1 Samuel 2:1 – 11)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 2:1 – 11


1. Have you ever been the recipient of a surprise party? When? How did it feel to be unexpectedly, the guest of honor?

2. Where do you most often sing: in a choir? in a spotlight? in the shower?

3. Observing Hannah’s prayer (probably sung as a hymn of praise by her and later by the nation of Israel), what do you learn of the God whom she worships?

4. Who were Hannah’s enemies? How is she delivered?

5. This song of Hannah’s also fits the experience of Israel as a nation. Can you tell which references expand the application of this song?

6. Where in your life now are you inclined to trust in your own strength instead of God’s?

7. What will you do to learn to trust in God’s strength?

8. What has been the greatest role reversal in your life? How did you respond? What was God trying to teach you in that experience?

9. Are you presently “lifted up” or “cast down”? Why?



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