The LORD Calls Samuel (1 Samuel 3)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 3


1. As a child, did you ever run into your parents’ room after a nightmare? What was the dream?

2. Did you ever have trouble (then or now) getting to sleep? What did (or do) you do to help you sleep?

3. If you had been Samuel, how would you have felt about bearing the bad news?

  • afraid of Eli
  • afraid to hurt Eli’s feelings
  • afraid to conceal God’s message
  • glad to see justice done

4. If you had been Eli, how would you react to the news about your family?

  • with grief
  • with resignation
  • with denial
  • attempt to change God’s mind
  • with animosity toward Samuel

5. The best way for me to “listen” as God’s servant is to:

  • pay attention in church and small group settings
  • start my day with prayer and Bible study
  • take a break during the day to “tune in” to God
  • take stock of my day at bedtime
  • learn from God’s people

6. How close are you to an attitude of “Speak, Lord, for you servant is listening?” How do you (or would you) react if the Lord’s message was something you would rather not hear – such as a word of correction? Would it make any difference if the message came from another person?

7. Do you tend to be too strict or too permissive/lenient as a parent or in other positions of responsibility?

8. If you are a parent, in what area of disciplining your child(ren) have you a tendency to:

  • fail to restrain them
  • fail to restrain yourself
  • be too strict with rules
  • be too permissive with rules
  • be too harsh when rules are broken
  • be too soft when rules are broken
  • avoid confrontation
  • ride them to much
  • be inconsistent

9. Has the Lord recently convicted you of some sin or failure? How did you react?

10. Do you pray with an attitude of (a) “speak, Lord, your servant listens” or (b) “listen Lord, for your servant speaks”? How can you learn to listen more and speak less?

11. What does it mean that Samuel “let none of his words fall to the ground” (verse 19)? How does that compare to Eli?

12. How do you treat the word of God? What commands have you “let fall to the ground?”



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