The Ark of the Covenant Is Returned to Israel (1 Samuel 6:1 – 7:1)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 6:1 – 7:1


1. Did you see the popular movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? What do you remember about the scene where the “bad guys” looked into the ark? How did this scene affect you?

2. When have you lost something precious, only to find it again months later? How did you respond?

3. Describe a model or sculpture which you built as a child and still take pride in displaying.

4. Why do the religious experts of the Philistines suggest a guilt offering? Why does this offering consist of imitation rats and tumors made from gold? Why five of each (verses 4, 17, 18)?

5. Why do you think the Philistines take care to build a new cart and use yet unyoked cows to transport the ark (verse 7)?

6. Why do you suppose the ark was sent to Kiriath Jearim, and not to Shiloh (where it was before its capture) (see Jeremiah 7:12 – 14)?

7. When in the last year have you felt like God was angry with you? At such times, do you feel like nothing – not even good behavior or guilt offerings – will please Him? What finally turns the tide of His anger?

8. When do you test God? What do you do to rationalize God’s judgment on you for trifling with that which is holy?

9. When have you treated God and sacred things with too much familiarity? How do you maintain proper respect for His holiness?

10. Do you use “signs” to determine if God is for or against a plan of yours? Which signs? How do you know if these are from God or not?



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