Samuel Subdues the Philistines at Mizpah (1 Samuel 7:2 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 7:2 – 17


1. Where is a thunderstorm likely to find you?

2. What war memorial do you find most moving? Why?

3. How would you portray the spiritual state of Israel prior to the assembly at Mizpah (verse 2 – 6)?

4. What statement is God making by using thunder (verse 10) against Baal, the Philistine’s storm god and Israel’s idol (verse 4)? What role did Israel play in waging this war?

5. What kind of judge do you think Samuel was? Why does he make Ramah home?

6. In your receiving God’s promised blessing, what role is played by confession of sin? By forsaking idols? By spiritual sacrifice? How is this principle played out in your church?

7. When have you experienced a severe test of your faith? Was it soon after an act of spiritual commitment? Why is that? What effect did that trial have on your new resolution?

8. What spiritual resolutions do you want to make at this point in your life? What obstacles stand in your way?

9. What “memorials” have you set up to remind you of when God has greatly blessed you? How can you work to keep track of God’s blessings in the future?



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