Israel Asks For A King (1 Samuel 8)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 8


1. What did your parents let you “learn the hard way” by letting you have or do something they knew was not good for you?

2. Would you like a career as a judge? Why or why not?

3. Might Samuel be guilty of the same sin as Eli in parental laxity? Why do you think so?

4. If you had heard the warning of verse 11 – 18, would you have acted as the Israelites did? Why?

5. Have you ever gone through a time of rebellion?

  • never
  • never, but I wish I had
  • once, and I learned my lesson
  • often, and I wonder if God has given up on me

6. Sometimes I act as though the “king” who rules my life is:

  • my work
  • my schedule
  • worry about what others think
  • my drive for ___________
  • my parents
  • my fears

7. When are you inclined to want or do something just to be “like everyone else”? How do you prevent sin from blinding you in your choices?

8. How would you distinguish an offense for the sake of Christ and being “just plain offensive”?

9. When was the last time you bulldozed over God’s will, only to find the walls crash in around you?

10. How can you ask God for something in the confidence He will say “no” if it is bad for you? Do you really want Him to?

11. What persuades you to submit to God’s way for your life?

  • knowing what God’s way is
  • being assured it will meet my need
  • being reassured God loves me
  • knowing it is the right way
  • having others go that way with me
  • realizing the alternative don’t measure up



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