Saul Rescues the City of Jabesh; Saul Is Confirmed As King (1 Samuel 11)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 11


1. When have you been physically threatened? How did you feel? What happened?

2. Had you been there at Gibeah to hear the report of the people of Jabesh, how would you have responded?

3. How are the troops rallied “as one man”: By Saul’s threat? By family ties? By the Spirit’s power? Or what?

4. In what situation have you felt God truly energizing you? What did you do that, without God, you could not have done?

5. When has God vindicated you in the eyes of troublemakers or skeptics? (no names)

6. What challenge are you facing now in which you need God to embolden and empower you?

7. Where does your church need to act “as one man” to achieve victory?

8. In verse 12, why do the people want a purge? Why does Saul stop them?

9. In victory are you magnanimous? How are you in defeat? When are you more likely to give God the glory? Take pride?



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