Samuel’s Farewell Speech (1 Samuel 12)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 12


1. Have you eve been slandered or falsely accused? Were you later vindicated? How so?

2. What was you attitude toward history courses in school?

3. What do verses 1 – 5 reveal about Samuel’s character, faith and tactics? Why does he want the Israelites to agree that he is innocent of wrongdoing?

4. How did the Israelites’ evil desire for a king repeat the cycle of their unfaithfulness?

5. What does Samuel hope to achieve by praying for thunder and rain (in the dry season)? What, in fact, happens?

6. What earlier experience with the Lord’s thunder may have encouraged their fear (at Mizpah, 7:10; at Sinai, see Exodus 19:16)?

7. On the strength of his campaign speech, record in office and party platform, would you re-elect Samuel? Or urge him to retire? Why?

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, are you more guilt-free (“1”) or guilt-ridden (“10”)? Why do you think so?

9. How do you respond when you really blow it before God? What’s a biblical response?

10. What “great things” has God done for you in the past year? How is that conveyed in your faithfulness to God since then?

11. In what areas of your life has God continually proven faithful, yet you remain reluctant to trust Him?

12. Are you more motivated by positive incentives or negative ones? Why?

Additional Comment:

Scandals tend to plague religious and political leaders. I think it is refreshing to see Samuel beginning his farewell speech by offering an opportunity for anyone to stand up and testify that if he, Samuel, had been dishonest or had taken advantage of his leadership position.



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