The Lord Rejects Saul As King (1 Samuel 15)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 15


1. Who were the people you looked up to as a child – those you relished being seen with? What did these “heroes” do to be liked and win your favor? Did they lose your favor and prove to have “feet of clay”?

2. In whose eyes are you a hero? What are you likely to boast about with them? When have you invited them to “tag along”?

3. What have the Amalekites done to deserve such punishment (verse 2; see Deuteronomy 25:17 – 19)? Why do you think that God commanded even innocent children and animals to be killed?

4. Why does Saul change his tune after Samuel’s third rebuke? What do you think prompted Saul to disobey God in the first place?

5. Why do you think Saul wants Samuel to go back with him (verse 25, 30)?

6. Why does Samuel refuse to visit Saul thereafter? Why do you suppose Samuel continues to mourn for Saul nonetheless (verse 35; see chapter 16:1)?

7. If you were only concerned with seeking God’s glory (and not your own), how would your life be different (at home, at work, at school)?

8. When were you caught hiding sinful motivations behind a spiritual front? Are you doing so now? Where?

9. When were your “feet of clay” first exposed to adoring eyes who looked up to you as a hero? How did their idealized image of you eventually lose its luster?

10. Who plays “Samuel” in your life – instructing you in the ways of God, rebuking you when you fall short, crying out with God’s compassion for you?

11. For whom can you be a gentle “Samuel” (without naming names or gossiping)?

12. When does God’s grief move you to grieve? How can your mind begin to reflect more and more on God’s mind?


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