David And Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 17


1. How would you feel playing football, alone, against the New York Giants? Which direction would you run?

2. How do you feel when someone casts doubts on your ability to do something?

3. Do others have more confidence in you than you do in yourself? Or do they have less? Why?

4. When have you met up with “lions and tigers and bears – oh my”?

5. As an Israelite, how would you view Goliath’s proposal? (verse 8 – 10)

  • With respect
  • Ridicule
  • Dismay and terror
  • Faith and courage

6. Who from your church would you “volunteer” to accept Goliath’s proposal?

7. If you were at ringside, what odds would you have given David?

8. Why do you think Saul seems not to know David, despite chapter 16:14 – 23?

9. What was going on between David and his older brother?

  • it was a case of sibling rivalry
  • David was embarrassing Eliab
  • Eliab was jealous of David
  • Eliab misread David’s motives

10. David’s confidence came from:

  • killing lions and bears
  • his sling-shot abilities
  • God’s past deliverances
  • his conviction that the Lord would fight for His people

11. The way I usually fight “Goliath” is:

  • with sticks and stones
  • with stinging words from a sharp tongue
  • by turning the other cheek
  • with calm confrontation
  • with the silent treatment
  • by hiding in a foxhole

12. What is the hardest part of the battle with the giant you are facing now?

  • trusting the Lord
  • courage to advance
  • using God’s weapons
  • battle fatigue
  • feeling alone
  • facing too many battles at once

13. What is the most reassuring lesson about this story?

  • believers always win
  • God will fight my battles
  • God will train me for battle
  • the greatest enemy is never too big for God

14. When is it hardest for you to be yourself (and what do you do in those situations)?

  • when someone says, “you don’t belong here” (verse 28)
  • when someone doubts my abilities (verse 33)
  • when I don’t feel comfortable with what’s going on (verses 38, 39)
  • when someone threatens me or puts me down (verses 41 – 44)

15. What giants are drawn up against you in battle? How are they taunting you? Is your attitude towards them more like Saul’s or David’s? How does that attitude need to change?

16. What larger missionary purpose might be accomplished for God if you would turn that battle over to the Lord?

17. What’s holding you back from taking the bull by the horns (or Goliath by a slingshot)? What do you fear might happen if you turned and faced the enemy who taunts you and defies God?

18. In reference to Question #17, what’s the “worst case scenario”? Having imagined that, now re-write the result with God on your side.

19. What Goliaths are there in society, defying God and Christians? How can you, small and unarmed, work to bring them down? What can your church do together?



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