Saul Tries To Kill David (1 Samuel 19)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 19


1. If you knew the boss was out to get you fired or worse, how would you behave? Could you trust the boss’ daughter? The boss’ son? Why or why not?

2. When have you taken a stand for a friend at some risk to your own welfare? What happened?

3. When you were young, did you ever sneak out of the house at night? What happened?

4. Why do you think Jonathan seems to be more loyal to David than his own father? Is this right or wrong?

5. What new insights do verses 11 – 17 give you into Michal’s friendship with David? With Saul? With God?

6. The ‘prophesying’ here was probably singing and praising the Lord. Why does prophesying seem to keep Saul’s men from capturing David (verses 20 – 24)? Why would God use this means to protect David? 

7. Why is it ironic that Saul ends up prophesying, too? How might this, too, have been God’s mercy toward Saul?

8. How has your loyalty to friends been tested recently? Were you giving the test to others, or taking it yourself? Did you (or they) pass the loyalty test? How so?

9. Is there any situation in your life now in which you feel like “the enemy is closing in”? Have you devised a plan to escape? Have you had to make good on it yet?

10. Like Saul, have you any less-than-holy plans which God continues to frustrate despite your persistence? What would it take for you to submit to God’s stronger and wiser will? How can you use praise and worship to help you?

Additional Comment:

Verses 23, 24: If you remember Saul had met a musical band of prophets soon after he was anointed king (1 Samuel 10:5 – 11). Now that he was planning evil, however, meeting the spirit of God made him utterly lose control.


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