David At Nob and Gath (1 Samuel 21)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 21


1. What “secret mission” did you once embark on? What for?

2. Why does David lie to Ahimelech? Is he justified or guilty?

3. For what reasons had David come to Ahimelech (verses 3 and 8; also 22:10)?

4. What’s the possible sin involved in consuming the consecrated bread (verses 4 – 6; see also Leviticus 24:9)? Why does Ahimelech give it to David?

5. What has God’s holiness got to do with sexual abstinence? With this mission (verses 4, 5)?

6. What is so special about David carrying Goliath’s sword?

7. Jesus supports David for eating the consecrated bread (see Matthew 12:1 – 4). Why? When is it right to disregard sacred rituals (see Luke 6:6 – 9)?

8. Does this principle apply to David’s lie? To sexual holiness?

9. What disguises have you worn on stage? At a recent costume party? In real life?

10. Gath is a Philistine stronghold? Why then does David go there?

11. When has “playing dumb” worked for you?

12. How do you honestly face fear?

Additional Comment:

Verses 4: David was desperate when he reached Nob. He did not even have food. He lied about his situation. Then he ate consecrated bread that was supposed to be reserved for the priests. David late admitted that he had been wrong to go to Nob and endanger the priests. But Saul (suspicious of their involvement) slaughtered them (chapter 22:17, 18).



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