David Escapes To The Cave of Adullam; His Supporters Assemble (1 Samuel 22:1 – 2; 1 Chronicles 12:8 – 18)

Scripture Text:

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1 Samuel 22:1 – 2

1 Chronicles 12:8 – 12


1. Have you ever visited a cave? Where? What was it like?

2. Who are your favorite outlaws: Jesse James? Bonnie and Clyde? Robin Hood?

3. For you, what makes some renegades into villains and others into folk heroes?

  • folk heroes rob from the rich; villains from the poor
  • folk heroes defect to the West; villains to the East
  • folk heroes kill in self-defense; villains simply kill

4.Where do these defectors come from? Are they “political dissidents”, “proven winners” or “cast offs”? What is their claim to fame?

5. What do you suppose made the Gadite commanders so effective for David?

6. Why is David cautious about some renegades who join his side (verses 16, 17)? How are his suspicions laid to rest?

7. Was invoking God’s witness (verses 17, 18) enough to cement the ties between David and Amasai? Or were careful contractual negotiations between them also necessary?

8. What special commandos today might rival the men who joined David in exile?

9. For what reasons might someone be suspicious of you and withhold their trust? How do you win over those who are suspicious of you?

10. Like these defectors from Saul pledging themselves to David, to whom have you felt inspired to pledge your service (with heart and will open to God)? What normally prevents such commitment?

Additional Comment:

It is interesting that Amasai’s (Amasa’s) treason years later gives David “20/20 hindsight” to confirm his suspicions here (2 Samuel 17:25).



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