A Psalm of David: When He Was In The Desert of Judah (Psalm 63)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 63


1. Describe the object, person or activity you were most devoted to as a teenager. How has your obsession or first love changed since then?

2. When your mind starts to wander from what you’re doing, where does it go? What do your daydreams zero in on?

3. What memories keep David going (verse 2 – 5)? What is better than life? How can David devote himself to the love of God at a time and place like this?

4. What “desert” have you been through recently? What did you long for the most? Did you find it?

5. Which verse of this psalm best fits your relationship with God? How might you deepen your first love with God?

6. Are you a clinger in relationships? How tight is your grasp on God?

7. Try reading this psalm daily for the next week and share any impact with your friends and/or spiritual family.



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